What brands does your favorite female celebrities supports and endorses in South Africa

August is the month where we celebrate and embrace the ever-growing contribution of women to humanity. We not only recognize equality but the emergence of leaders, role models, and the wild card women that makes us human. South Africa has been at the forefront of these accolades and this month’s Women’s Equality Day draws us … Continued

Where to find sleek and snug fit clothes in Johannesburg Pretoria and nearby East Cape and Cape Town

Accessibility and availability of the stores should drive consumers enough to reach out to your pockets and get your hands on worthy ones. But, are there any factors that a consumer look for when shopping basic commodity like clothes? An answer is definitely yes, there is a good number of factors we need to consider. … Continued

Top 9 Factory Shops In Johannesburg to Catch a Hot Bargain in 2018

Johannesburg is known as the melting pot of Africa for a reason. Accordingly,  anyone venturing into this city will see some of the richest people in the continent living side by side with the poorest. This is the reason why factory shops in this city are big business. In their own way, they cater for … Continued

Best Factory Shops in Cape Town Catering for Everyone in 2018

Cape Town is the de facto capital for South Africa’s high heeled. Any business worth its salt makes sure to have an outlet or two in this city otherwise known as the Mother City. Even though the people of Cape Town are generally considered well off, they seem to have a healthy appetite for factory … Continued

The Top 9 Best Factory Shops in Durban in 2018

Durban is known as the city of two types of weather, the summer and the summer. The city is popular with tourists coming from within South Africa because it is accessible from the big cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is also the biggest city in the Zulu Kingdom. Visitors will get an idea of … Continued

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