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Best Furniture Factory Shops in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa’s commercial capital, is home to some of the best furniture factory shops in the country. The factory shops found in different parts of this metropolis serve people from various parts of South Africa. They also cater to the broader region of Southern Africa. We have searched for some of the best factory … Continued

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10 Best Factory Shops Where You Can Shop Online this Christmas in South Africa

Ask anyone who has ever tried to do shopping in South Africa just before Christmas and they will tell you that people literally step on top of each other. It doesn’t matter whether you are shopping at your local mall, the CBDs of various cities in the country or at the affordable factory shops, the … Continued

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Top 5 Food Factory shops in Cape Town this Christmas

Those who know South Africa know that unless you have been to Cape Town, you haven’t been anywhere. Here, we say, unless you know the best food factory shops to do your Christmas shopping this holiday in Cape Town, you don’t know anything. Whether Cape Town is the place you call home or it’s a … Continued

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Do you know how they say that if you have never been in Cape Town you have never been anywhere? Well, there is some substance in this statement. This city, affectionately known as the Mother City, has some great attractions for both the visitor and the city resident. We are talking here about such placed … Continued

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