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Bargain Books is one of South Africa’s most popular booksellers.

It has grown to achieve a substantial market presence throughout the country in spite of stiff competition from major retailers such as Exclusive Books. The company’s focus on obtaining quality literature from sources both local and international has established its reputation among bookworms all over South Africa as one of the best sources of both old classics as well as new and innovative reading.

On top of this, it is perhaps the habit of hiring only knowledgeable staff that has done much to confirm the place of Bargain Books as one of South Africa’s best-loved retailers of reading material.

Selling quality books at affordable prices

Bargain Books was founded in 1998 with a vision that would go on to set it apart from other commercial bookstores. In keeping with the company name, the retail chain is intended to provide quality books that are affordable to a much broader range of people than many larger chains allow.

This intention, a driving force since the company’s inception, is influenced in no small part by the problems with education and literacy that many South Africans face, and it was the hope of the company’s founders that offering greater access to literature by providing a place where books could be had for a bargain price would help to address this crucial problem.

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