The Best Factory Shops in Pietermaritzburg for All Year Round Bargains


The capital of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg is a fascinating place. This city has several important industries apart from being home to several schools. Diary, aluminium and timber are the main industries here. To support the citizens living, there is a wide range of factory shops. These shops offer a variety of goods, from the everyday essentials to the luxury products for the descerning buyer. As such, it is an economical idea to know the best factory shops in Pietermaritzburg where you can get bragins that last a whole year round.

Nappy Factory

About the Shop: While this factory shop does sell nappies or diapers, there are a few other sanitary products available here. It is possible to get household cleaning products. Moreover, it does not just sell diapers for babies; adult diapers are also available in addition to feminine sanitary products. Other useful products sold at the Nappy Factory include cotton wool, cotton puffs, and toilet rolls.

Location: The Nappy Factory is located on Royston Road in the Willowtown region of Pietermaritzburg. It can be easily found, being located just opposite to the Albany Bakery.

Potential Deals: You can find some deals in diapers and other sanitary products at very low prices here. A pack of hundred baby diapers costs around R180 while a 5-liter pack of fabric softener costs about R25.

Wikid Factory Shop

About the Shop: Founded by two women, Wikid Tees aims to provide t-shirts that are all about fun. Their t-shirts have hilarious quotes printed on them, often poking fun at others. They have a wide range of such tees, in a variety of colours and styles. These tees make excellent tongue-in-cheek gifts. They have tees not only for men and women but also kids. Wikid also has a special range of tees on the fishing theme. Some of their other themed tees include Goth and Punk, named Darkside and Dead Candi respectively. Additionally, they have also started to sell fishing gear such as fishing lures and tackles.

Location: The Wikid Factory Shop is located on a major road in Pietermaritzburg that leads to the Mkondeni Industrial Area.

Potential Deals: All the t-shirts offered by Wikid Tees are quite affordable. In fact, they take steps to ensure that the prices are as low as possible.

Best Shoes

About the Shop: Best Shoes is a part of the Leroy Shoes Group SA. It is also one of the leading retailers and manufacturers of good quality footwear. They are also into wholesaling and exporting. It is possible to get all kinds of footwear here, from school shoes for kids to formal shoes for men and women. They are known to stock several major brands. Some of these brands include John Drake, Leroy, KG and Parabellum.

Location: The factory shop of Best Shoes can be found under the Big Five Factory Shoe Shop name. This shop is located in Hero Plaza in Pietermaritzburg. It is the sixth shop in the popular plaza.

Potential Deals: The prices of the shoes at this factory shop are affordable. The price of women’s shoes starts from just R145 while kids’ shoes are cheaper with their prices starting from R55, including Value Added Tax.

Eddies Clothing

About the Shop: Eddies Clothing is a popular factory shop in Pietermaritzburg. They do not just sell clothes but also a range of accessories and footwear. It is also possible to get luggage at this shop. They not only have products for men and women but also children. Several brands are available at this shop such as Jockey, Ferradini and Gotcha.

Location: In Pietermaritzburg, Eddies Clothing has its factory shop in the China Mall in Northdale. The shop number is 79B and the mall is located on Manchester Road.

Potential Deals: The prices at Eddies Clothing are quite affordable. Long-sleeved shirts for men cost R400 while items for children start at R50.

Manchester Shoes

About the Shop: Manchester Shoes is known for selling beautiful shoes. They specialise in producing quality leather shoes. All of their shoes are designed on computers before being created with machines.  Nearly everyone will be able to find the right pair of shoes for their needs. The immense range of footwear available includes pairs designed for all kinds of weather conditions, ages and styles. Craftsmanship is one of the best features of their shoes.

Location: The factory shop is located on Prestwich Road in Allandale, Pietermaritzburg.

Potential Deals: Ckeck out for deals on stock that is on its way out. Manchester Shoes tends to keep the prices of their products reasonable even when the shoes are still selling fast.

Cosy Couch Factory Shop

About the Shop: When it comes to selecting furniture, Cosy Couch offers one of the best selections in the city of Pietermaritzburg. Their products are of high-quality thanks to their attention to detail. The products are durable as well. Cosy Couch offers a sizeable selection of furniture, from couches to chairs to bedroom furniture. This factory shop is also known to provide custom services for delivering special furniture created as per the customer’s orders. They even provide skins.

Location: Find the Cosy Couch shop in Greyling Street in the Pietermaritzburg city centre.

Potential Deals: Find some potential deals on customed household goods at Cosy Factory Shop.

Home Studio

About the Shop: This furniture retail business is one of the biggest in Pietermaritzburg. Home Studio does not just offer home furniture. They also provide office furniture. The range is quite extensive, making it easy for anyone to find exactly what they need. From beds to chairs to tables; all home and office furniture needs can be fulfilled. They have products for all the rooms of a house or an office. They are also capable of providing customised furniture to their clients.

Location: Home Studio has a massive factory shop in Pietermaritzburg. Find the shop on Victoria Road.

Potential Deals: It is not too difficult to get good products at reasonable prices at home Studio. In fact, they have ensured that their products are competitively priced by offering their products directly to the customer. In other words, there are no middlemen involve to add costs.

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