Best Furniture Factory Shops in Johannesburg

Johannesburg, South Africa’s commercial capital, is home to some of the best furniture factory shops in the country. The factory shops found in different parts of this metropolis serve people from various parts of South Africa. They also cater to the broader region of Southern Africa. We have searched for some of the best factory shops in Johannesburg were you are bound to find a great deal at any time of the year.

Calgan Recliners Factory Shops

Whether you are looking for a recliner for yourself, or you want to shake things up at your parent’s house, the Calgan Recliners Factory Shop is the place where you need to be. From this furniture factory shop, you can get both single seat recliners and recliner suites. It also supplies suites to the export market. Calgan Factory Shop has been operating since 2000. Over the years, the business has gained a great deal of experience in the industry.

Location: This factory shop has a number of outlets across South Africa. In Johannesburg, find them at number 10 Martin Street in Selby.

Telephone: + (27) 11 241 4800


Furniture Clearance Factory Store

To check how good a furniture factory shop is, checking what those who have bought furniture from it think about it. All reviews about the Furniture Clearance Factory Store depict a store where you will find the best there is. The staff members are described as not only being patient but also professional and reliable. Other customers indicate how they were impressed with the workmanship shown in the furniture they bought.

How do the people the Furniture Clearance Factory Store manage to sell such beautiful quality stuff at such affordable prices? The answer is simple, they manufacture their own furniture and then sell directly to the public without going through a middleman.

Location: Find the Furniture Clearance Factory Store at number 49 Woburn Avenue in Benoni.

Telephone: + (27) 81 766 9600


House of Motani

The House of Motani uses four words that everyone who is looking for furniture wants to hear when describing their products: craftsmanship, quality, and design excellence. The people at this factory shop call themselves trendsetters in South Africa by thinking in a progressive way that looks into the future. In Africa, this is the largest independent manufacturer of furniture. So you can expect to benefit from the economies of scale which allow them to sell their furniture at the lowest price possible. If you want to know the philosophy behind this furniture outlet, listen to what the founder of this business has to say:  “We offer lifestyles, not just pieces of furniture”.

Location: 43 Ramsay Street, Booysens, Johannesburg.

Telephone: + (27) 11 493 7721


Baby Furniture Direct

If you are one of those parents that want the best for their baby you should know about the place they call Baby Furniture Direct. From this factory shop, you will not only find a broad range of furniture for your little one, the members of staff will always be available to offer tips and advice. Some of the pieces you will get from here include the Two Tone Compactum, the French Sleigh Cot, the Eco Tiffany Cot, and the Bubble Cot among many other products that will ensure your infant is always comfortable.

Location: Building 3, 2nd Floor, Room 102, Kramerville Corner, 16 Desmond Street, Kramerville.

Telephone: + (27) 82 761 2707


Rochester Factory Outlet

Rochester is a well-known name in South Africa’s furniture industry. The business has been in the South African furniture industry since 1994. Their promise is that the furniture you get from them is not only timelessly elegant, it is also of the highest quality but still coming at prices that are affordable. While many shoppers would like to own a piece of furniture from this store, they often have to forego the luxury because they do not have the money to buy from the regular store. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore as you can now buy from their factory shop located at the Southgate Value Mart. This factory shop ensures that everybody can now benefit from this store’s philosophy: “it’s not just furniture, it’s Rochester”.

Location: Southgate Value Mart, Rifle Range Road, Johannesburg South.

Phone: + (27) 10 005 0829

Furniture Factory

One thing you should know about the Furniture Factory is that everything they sell is made to order only. What this means is that they don’t spend resources making stuff that will sit there and cause the rest of the things they sell to be expensive. This factory shop has been in operation since 2007. The company was initially started with the aim of manufacturing custom-made lounge suites only. However, it has now grown to include furniture for all parts of your home. The people at this factory shop promise that no order is either too big or too small. Every piece that leaves this shop undergoes a 12 point check to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

Location: Midrand Johannesburg

Telephone: + (27) 11 468 1440


Furniture Liquidation Warehouse

There is one thing that you will be sure of when you visit the Furniture Liquidation Warehouse; everything must go. The promise that the people at this factory shop make is that they transform houses into homes. They promise that their business operates on a promise: to deliver the best value at the lowest price possible. From this factory shop, you can lay bye for up to six months and be guaranteed that the price will not go up. The shop boasts that it has over 2000 products available. They deliver everything you buy here to your doorstep. If you don’t know exactly what you want, speak to one of their knowledgeable members of staff.

Location: Corners Main Reef and Crownwood Road, Crown Mines Johannesburg

Telephone: + (27) 11 830 1784

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