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Coricraft is one of South Africa’s leading furniture retailers, with over twenty years’ experience in the industry.

Like many retail chains, the company had humble beginnings, with only a single store located in Cape Town. Over the years this business venture expanded to other branches around South Africa, with over forty stores operating in South Africa, Botswana, and, more recently Angola.

This has led to the brand becoming a household name throughout South Africa, with a reputation for selling top-quality furniture for home and office at reasonable prices.

Retail Product Line & Business Focus

Coricraft’s main business focus is the sale of new furniture. A wide range of furniture items and styles are available for delivery throughout South Africa at large, and can be ordered online or purchased in-store.

While some items are sourced from outside suppliers, Coricraft specialises in manufacturing their own furniture out of two major factories located in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and produces around three hundred fully upholstered couches every day.

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