Elgin Chicken Factory Shops


Elgin Free Range Chickens is the largest independent producer of free range chicken in South Africa

Established nearly twenty years ago Elgin Chickens stemmed from the need of one mother to provide the best chicken possible for her family. Founder, Jeanne Groenewald soon realised there could be a market for her free range chicken after initial interest in her chickens from friends and family.

Based on a principle of providing a natural environment, food and routine for their broiler chickens the company soon had orders from a select few Pick & Pay stores in the Western Cape. This led to to the first Elgin Chicken abattoir built just three years after the start of the business.

This increased capacity ensured that they would be ready for the influx of orders and Woolworths was first through the door.

Today the farm produces well over 80 000 broiler chickens per week and has a dedicated staff to ensure that quality standards are maintained. The poultry producer stands out in an industry more known for chasing profits than actually caring for the animals they rear.

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