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Jenni Button is a South African fashion brand (named after the head designer and founder of the company) that specialises in high-end, upmarket garments for women.

From its beginnings, the company’s elegant approach to haute couture fashion and a commitment to sophisticated styling has given it a sterling reputation among the fashionable elite, while simultaneously providing a homegrown source of luxury fashion at prices that are more realistic for the South African market than many imports. As a result, and despite a few setbacks, the Jennie Button brand continues to be a South African favourite.

Company History

Fashion designer Jenni Button began her trendsetting career in South African fashion relatively early, opening her first Jenni Button store in Cape Town in 1984.

At that time, she had just turned 23, and was looking for a way to make her name in the local fashion industry. Through her talent for fashion design as well as some serious entrepreneurial skills, she achieved this goal to an impressive level in a relatively short space of time. In particular, her focus on minimalist design was a key factor in this early success, as this fashion trend was just beginning to become popular with some of the world’s top fashion designers at the time.

The popularity of the new Jenni Button brand was such that clothes could barely be produced as fast as they were being sold, and within a year, Button was compelled to take on partners in the business in order to free up more time for her to focus on the design aspects.

Dressing some of the country’s top female businesswomen as well as some celebrity figures helped to spur the company’s reputation on, and six new stores were shortly opened in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Jenni Button items were also featured quite frequently in most of South Africa’s foremost fashion shows.

Jenni Button’s own personal downfall came when she decided to sell the company in 1997. Due to an unfortunate legal oversight, she never received the shares in the new company to which she had ostensibly been entitled, nor the rights to her own brand name.

While she has since bounced back, the Jenni Button brand sold today is not the same as before, and does not even include the woman who gave it its name.

Product Range

The Jenni Button range consists mainly of luxury suiting and fashion garments for women, highly tailored and made from a variety of materials such as Irish linen, Italian stretch linen, French lace, silk chiffon, and cashmere. A selection of jewellery, shoes, leather goods, accessories, and perfumes are also sold under the brand name.

Jenni Button stores in South Africa

A total of thirteen Jenni Button stores can be found in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and East London, with one international store having recently been opened in Mauritius.

A specialised bridal and couture store is also located in Cape Town. The company’s head office is also in Cape Town.

Jenni Button


No open factory outlets for Jenni Button at the moment but please check back for updates.

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