K-Way Factory Shop: Get the Best K-Way Factory Bargain Deals Here! 

K-Way Factory Shop: Get the Best K-Way Factory Bargain Deals Here! 

Looking for a way how to find the best bargain deals for K-Way clothing products? 


K-Way factory shop is known for its adventure-fit clothing line. A clothing brand of outdoor and technical outfits, K-Way is under one of the biggest retail chains in South Africa, which is the Cape Union Mart Group.

K-Way shop—much loved & promoted by its buyers, is hailed for boosting the local clothing industry.

Also, K-Way brand is identified as a major contributor to the group’s total revenue of whopping $324.63 million. As Business Insider emphasizes it, 40,000 K-Way garments are produced by the group’s local factory every single month! (No wonder the revenue!)


The Problem: K-Way products’ strict distribution 

Recognizing the potential and the market scope of this brand, it becomes easy for you to recognize the profitability of selling their products. For some of you, this was perhaps the reason why you’re here in the first place.  

Accordingly, the problem with finding bargain deals with K-Way products is that their items are distributed and sold exclusively under Cape Mart Group’s stores. Hence, making it difficult for outside (small) sellers to find negotiable bulk-buy deals.

With that, is there really a way for you to be able to bulk-buy K-Way products for a reasonable, seller-friendly price?


Our Solution: Purchasing directly from K-Way Factory Shop! 

As the title of this blog suggests, you can find awesome deals of this brand by buying directly from their factory shop!

However, you might be wondering and asking questions such as, “Is it really possible to purchase a legit K-Way product for a significantly cheaper price?” or “Is buying a stock K-Way garment a good move for my business?”

Well, if you are still not confident with what really the answers are to those simple questions, we are here to give you a resounding and a sure double “YES!”. To further understand the logic behind these claims, here we have explained the benefits of purchasing stock garments from their factory shop instead.

Benefits of buying stock clothing from K-Way factory shop

Just in case you need to remind yourself why purchasing from K-Way factory shop is the best option for your business… 

  1. K-Way is a well-established brand. 

K-Way clothing is certainly a very much adored brand from people all over the world, who loves adventure (or are simply a fan of a universally classy clothing line that is said to have the power of instantly transforming anyone who wears it to look like a couple of times richer than they really are).

  1. Stock clothes from K-Way Factory Shops are cheap. 

Hence, making it a perfect combination for number 1; making a profitable venture with K-Way stock garments indeed possible.   

  1. Stock or not, K-Way is K-Way. 

What we’re saying is, there’s no need to worry about the quality of the products you can find at their factory shop. You’re here for the same globally recognized quality clothing? Then you got it.


Where can I find the K-Way factory shop?

Well, that’s the reason why we are here. Looking for the complete details of the K-Way factory shop?

We got you! Here you go.

Cape Union Mart (K-Way Factory Shop)

Location: Shop B35 Access Park, Kenilworth, Tel No please, Chichester Rd, Claremont, Cape Town, 7708, South Africa            

Contact Details: +27 21 674 6398

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