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The Mr Price Group is one of South Africa’s largest retailer groups, as well as being a highly recognisable brand nationwide.

mr priceIn addition to fashion and apparel, the group also specializes in homeware, sporting goods, and various other product ranges.

As the name suggests, the Mr Price brand is focused on providing products that are cost-effective, which it achieves by introducing lower markups, selling higher quantities of product, and dealing primarily in cash-based revenue (with cash sales making up over 80% of total sales). This focus on ‘everyday low prices’ has contributed greatly to its popularity as a brand in the South African market.

Early history of one of SA’s most loved clothing brands

Mr Price was founded by Stewart Cohen and Laurie Chiappini, two young entrepreneurs who met working shop floors in 1979. Their previous retail experience had led both men to believe that there was a better way of doing business that would be more beneficial for owners, employees, and customers alike.

They saw factory shops as the future, with their low cost structures and the ability to sell in bulk enabling them to charge lower prices for their merchandise, thereby attracting more customers and increasing overall revenue.

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