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Initially designed for athletes, New Balance has grown to become a household brand. Find details on New Balance factory shops in major SA shopping centers.

One of the world’s leading sports footwear manufacturers

New Balance is an American country based in Boston that specialises in the manufacturing and sale of shoes and related footwear for a variety of athletic pursuits, based on sound principles of ergonomic design and a range of support features that enhance athletic performance and comfort.

As a result of their high standard of quality and the numerous design features that are incorporated into New Balance products, the shoes tend to be on the expensive side within the footwear market in general. However, the company has addressed this issue by pointing out the many different technical aspects of the shoes that set them above their competitors.

These include things like added gel inserts, heel counters, and arch supports, as well as a wider range of sizes and widths than the majority of the other brands on the market.

Designed for athletes

New Balance’s focus from the start has been on creating shoes that provide maximum support for athlete’s feet, allowing them to achieve an optimal level of performance and minimizing injury due to stress on the feet.

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