Playtex Factory Shops


Playtex is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers of undergarments, baby products, gloves, feminine hygiene products, and sunscreen, among other items.

The brand first came into being in 1947, when the International Latex Corporation created it as a division to produce and sell a range of latex products around the world.

A relatively new material, latex was beginning to find uses in many different industries around this period of history, and was just beginning to emerge as a fashionable material for clothing. Early products made and sold by Playtex included swimming caps, bathing suits, and pants for babies.

Innovating latex garments

In its early years, Playtex was responsible for overseeing the gradual shift in latex products from custom-made garments to standardised sizes and styles that could be made available to the general public. Fitting charts were introduced at retail outlets to assist customers in selecting the correct size, thereby eliminating the need for custom fittings.

This gave latex a much-needed popularity boost as a material, as well as ensuring the future of Playtex as a company.

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