Pres Les Factory Shop: The Home of The Discerning Shopper

The Pres Les Factory Shop is the go to direct selling company for the discerning and discriminating customer who will accept nothing but the most exquisite luxurious bedroom coordinates and impressive dining room products.

Anybody who still doubts that the Pres Les Factory Shop is one of the best in its class should talk to the over one million customers who have walked away with either luxurious bedroom coordinates or the most impressive dining room products.

To get an idea of what this business is about, one just needs to listen to the stories of those who work for this company. Their individual stories show that this is a company that does not only care about making the customer happy but also the employees. The owners of this business understand that unless their employees are happy then the customer will certainly not be.

The company markets its products using independent consultants. Most of these consultants are women and they work across the Southern African region. Some of the consultants who sell stuff on behalf of Les Pre do so for short periods of time as they sort out their financial challenges. However, some of them have been with the company for a number of years. It is not uncommon to see someone saying that they have been involved with the company for over 35 years.

The company operates from its hub in Claremont in the beautiful city of Cape Town. This is where the head office staff work from.  The business operates within the departments of Market, Information Technology, Design and Product Development, Finance and Accounts, Customer Service, Human Resources, and Stationary.

The Story Of Pres Les

Pres Les Pty Ltd, the company behind the Pres Less Factory shop has been in business for over 45 years. This means that they have been making products that have found pride of place in many homes in South Africa and in the region since the 1970s. In this period, over one million customers have purchased one thing or another from their extensive network of sales agents.

The Pres Les Headquarters moved to the impressive Pres Les House after it had gone through an extensive refurbishment in 2010. This is where the main administrative departments of the company work from.

The range of products they distribute across the country and beyond come from the manufacturing and distribution center in Atlantis. Their modern factory is the place where they produce over eighty-five percent of their products.

Over the years, the owners of this business have invested a lot of resources in ensuring that the factory responds to the changing times. Anyone who walks into their factory will experience the most sophisticated modern machinery.  This is the reason behind the quality that has come to be the synonym of the products this factory makes.

Customers who want to buy bedroom products from a Pres Less Factory Shop will be glad to know that the products are custom made according to the requirements of the client. This also applies to curtains and other accessories. Those ordering from the distribution center can do so with a peace of mind.  It comes from knowing that over a thousand parcels leave the shop on a daily basis on their way to happy customers.

Community Initiatives

Pres Les is different from other businesses that just concentrate on a profit.  They understand the importance of helping the community where they work. The company offers assistance to the less privileged in the communities such as organisations that look after young children.

Another community initiative close to the organisations heart is health. The company offers assistance in both cash and kind to one of the hospitals in Cape Town. Somerset Hospital is the hospital that serves the bulk of their employees. This is where most of the companies assistance goes to.

They are also involved in initiatives that support education. They understand that the future of the country in general and their own business specifically depends on the education of children. Pres Les does not only support young children, they also support the education of the youth with grants and bursaries. The company is cognisant that sports can be a great way uniting communities. To this end, they sponsor Tag Rugby in schools around Atlantis in Cape Town.

 Pres Les Factory Shop In South Africa

Press Les South Africa head office is located in Claremont in Cape Town. The distribution centre is also in Cape Town in Atlantis. The distribution centre and the manufacturing plant are separated by a distance of about two kilometres. This makes it easy for any orders to be dispatched.

Pres Les does not sell its merchandise through physical shops in malls. They have 14000 authorised consultants who distribute their products. To see what they sell, visit their website and fill in a form. One of their consultants will call you within a period of 24 hours.


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Pres Les Head Office


Pres Les House

3 Wilge Road

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Cape Town

South Africa

Phone: (+27) 0860 773 753

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