Prima Toys Factory Shops


Prima Toys is one of South Africa’s major retailers of toys and games for children of all ages and backgrounds.

Despite stiff competition from other major players in the toy industry, such as Toys “R” Us, Prima Toys has risen to become one of the leading distributors of children’s entertainment products in the entire Southern African region, firmly establishing the company’s reputation among children and parents alike.

Founded over 46 years ago, Prima Toys has gained a significant amount of experience in the toy industry that has stood the test of time.With a focus on providing a range of toys that are suitable for each and every child, Prima Toys has always looked to both local and international sources for new and innovative products, making the company a key figure in the local toy manufacturing market as well.

Local experts in the toy industry

One of the key areas of focus that the company maintains is the need for toys to be appropriate not only for the age of the child playing with them, but also for the phase of development in which the child is currently situated.

While age can be used as a loose guideline for developmental phase, in many children (and with many toy companies) the many ways in which children’s psychological development can either excel or fall behind their physical growth can be overlooked, resulting in children playing with toys that are either under- or over-stimulating.

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