Tevo Factory Shops


Tevo is a major South African company that specialises in the development, sourcing, and marketing of a wide range of interesting and innovative products.

In the words of the company’s founders, “Tevo will never bring a conventional product to market. The product always has to bring a new trend, make life easier or improve the lives of customers.

Each has to be the first of its kind to be launched on the South African market.” It is this spirit of novelty and invention that has no doubt driven the company to its current level of success, and continues to drive it forward in its mission to diversify and expand the product range that it offers to the South African market.

Retail product innovators

A relatively young company, Tevo was launched just over ten years ago in 1994 by management-executives-turned-entrepreneurs Patrick Bennett and Robin Read.

Knowing the extremely competitive market into which they were intending to enter, the pair focused intently on the conceptualisation and planning process for Tevo – a process which took over seven months before the company even began operations. While getting a foothold in its first year was challenging, this attention to detail served the new company very well indeed.

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