Top 7 Factory Shops in Port Elizabeth South Africa in 2018

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Home to numerous beaches, Port Elizabeth is one of the largest cities in South Africa. It is also one of the biggest seaports of the country. As a result, Port Elizabeth is one of the important trade hubs of the country. As a seaport, it handles a considerable amount of cargo in imports and exports. The city also has a thriving motor vehicle industry with several international companies having their factories here. Various factory shops have grown up to support the population. As such, it helps to know what the top 7 factory shops in Port Elizabeth are.


About the Shop: Billabong serves a wide range of clothing and accessories for those who love to lead an adventurous, sporty and active lifestyle. Their products are of a high quality. Some of the products that they sell include tees, headwear, wetsuits, backpacks and shorts. The brand is quite popular among surfers and skaters. The company hosts a variety of events for these groups as well.

Location: Billabong has four stores in Port Elizabeth. One of them is in Baywest Boulevard. One of their other stores is at the Boardwalk Casino and Entertainment World and another one at the Moffett Retail Park. The fourth store of Billabong in Port Elizabeth is between the 14th & 16th Avenue.

Potential Deals: The prices charged by Billabong are reasonable. For example, t-shirts have a price of around R300 to R500. Their bags are a little pricier with a starting price point of around R1000.

Vanree Clothing

About the Shop: Vanree Clothing specialises in manufacturing clothes for corporations and promotions. They design and manufacture all of their clothing in Port Elizabeth. They offer shirts, jackets and blouses for corporations. Among promotional items, they offer items like caps and gift items. The company also provides golf tees. They have their own embroidery studio for customising and personalising their items. Women own and run the company exclusively.

Location: Vanree Clothing has their store on the Goven Mbeki Avenue in Port Elizabeth.

Potential Deals: Vanree Clothing charges a reasonable amount for the products that they sell.

The Little Slipper

About the Shop: The Little Slipper has made a name for itself as a top manufacturer of footwear in the range. They mainly create footwear for children but there are a few available for men and women. It is possible to choose from a wide range of footwear from children such as boots, school shoes and slippers. They even have footwear for babies. The Little Slipper has become a popular option among parents when it comes to selecting the shoes for their little ones.

Location: The Little Slipper has three stores in Port Elizabeth. Two of them are in Reed Street and Herald Street. The third store is at Ring Street Greenacres.

Potential Deals: The prices at the Little Slipper are affordable. Their shoes for both boys and girls have a starting price point of R129. As for children’s slippers, they have a starting price of R85.

Baywear Clothing

About the Shop: If you are looking for quality underwear in Port Elizabeth, one of the best places to get them is Bayear Clothing. This reputed company sources the best quality of cotton possible, locally and internationally, for making their products. Their range of products is not just meant for adults but also children and infants. The knitted undergarments offered by Baywear Clothing is not only comfortable but of a high quality as well.

The Location: Baywear Clothing has their factory shop located in Kempston Road in Port Elizabeth.

Potential Deals: The prices charged by Baywear Clothing are worth the quality of goods that they offer.

T. Birch & Company

About the Shop: T. Birch & Company has quite a reputation in South Africa. They are one of the oldest clothing companies in South Africa with a history that stretches back 150 years. This company specialises in creating special robes for academic, clerical, legal and municipal requirements. T. Birch & Company also provides school uniforms and other menswear. Among robes, all of their creations are completely customised and personalised to suit the wearer perfectly.

The Location: In Port Elizabeth, T. Birch & Company has a store on the Govan Mbeki Avenue.

Potential Deals: Since T. Birch & Company offers bespoke robes, the prices charged are higher. However, the prices are certainly representative of the high quality that they are famous for.

Decofurn Furniture Shop

About the Shop: One of the biggest furniture companies in South Africa, Decofurn provides high-quality products for the home and office. They have a massive range of furniture designed for use in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. They sell nearly all kinds of furniture, from dining chairs to beds to cupboards and bedroom sets. Their furniture range for the office is just as impressive. The company also sells a variety of home décor items such as baskets, pots and paintings. They even have a range of patio furniture.

The Location: Decofurn’s shop in Port Elizabeth is at the corner of William Moffett Expressway and Ivor Benn Close.

Potential Deals: Decofurn ensures that the prices of its furniture are competitive. Their beds and couches, for example, have a starting price point of around R1,000. Their office chair range starts at R329.


About the Shop: Hinterveld is one of the best places to get premium garments and fabrics. They are famous for their use of exotic materials such as silk, baby alpaca fleece and mohair. Their scarves, ponchos and throw blankets are of a high quality and luxurious. Hinterveld has been around for 150 years. This kind of experience is easily understandable from the beautiful fabrics that they manufacture. Those looking for high-quality fabrics for their personal use or for gifting will find it Hinterveld.

The Location: Hinterveld has a factory shop in Port Elizabeth located at the corner of Heugh Rd and 5th Avenue.

Potential Deals: The prices charged by Hinterveld may seem high. However, these are luxurious and premium-grade products. Considering that, the prices are actually quite affordable.

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