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Formerly known as Pietersburg, Polokwane is the capital of the Limpopo province in South Africa. This city is one of the largest urban centres in the country as well as one of the host cities during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. There are several major industries in the city apart from a sizeable commercial area. Knowing the top seven factory shops in Polokwane will help you find what you need quickly.

1.      United Furniture Outlets

About the Shop: At this furniture shop, it is possible to get an amazing range of products for the home. It is easy to find furniture for the bedroom and the living room among other things here. The variety available is quite sizeable. It should not be too difficult to find the right item for a home here. Couches, dining tables and chair sets, beds, lounge suites and coffee tables are some of the items they sell. United Furniture Outlets also provides items like mattresses and a variety of accessories.

Location: United Furniture Outlets has two shops in Polokwane. One of them is located in the Savannah Mall. The other one can be found in the Polokwane Game Centre.

Potential Deals: Amazing deals can be had at United Furniture Outlets from time to time. For example, it is possible to get a lounge suite at just R19,999 which is a massive reduction from the original price of R37,999. Bedroom suites start from R3499 while dining room suites have a starting price of R8999.

2.      The Bed Shop

About the Shop: The Bed Shop specialises in bedding. They ensure that their mattresses are of exceptional quality. In fact, they take steps to ensure that their products meet the standards of international specifications. They have a wide range of mattresses designed to ensure the comfort and the health of the user. They have different product ranges to cater to different health conditions. The Bed Shop offers guarantees and warranties on their mattresses as well.

Location: The Bed Shop has several locations in South Africa. In Polokwane, they have their factory shop located in Mark Street.

Potential Deals: In spite of the excellent quality of their products, The Bed Shop takes steps to ensure that their products are reasonably priced. They do so by keeping their entire operation inside South Africa.

3.      Coricraft Furniture Shop

About the Shop: Coricraft is one of the leading providers of home furniture and home décor items in South Africa. They specialise in making couches of a high quality, with leather or fabrics. The shop ensures that the leather used in all of their products is 100% genuine. They also make furniture for the dining room such as barstools, chairs and tables. For the bedroom, they make beds and headboards. They also have a wide range of furniture for the living room and even the home office. A massive assortment of home décor items such as lamps, mirrors and wall art are also provided by them.

Location: Coricraft has a factory shop in Polokwane in the Mall of the North. Their shop number in the mall is 69.

Potential Deals: The prices charged by Coricraft are quite reasonable. The dining range starts at just R2295. Their beds are priced from R4995 onwards.

4.      Naartije Kids

About the Shop: Naartije is one of the top fashion brands in South Africa that are exclusively dedicated to little children. All of their products are completely South African. They have an amazing array of elegant and pretty clothing for all children. Since they are a fashion brand, they make sure that there is always something new and fashionable for children to wear. In fact, they release 10 ranges every year. They ensure the quality of their products as well by using 100% cotton in nearly all garments.

Location: In Polokwane, Naartije has a store in the Mall of the North where they have a shop number of U4.

Potential Deals: Naartije often offers their products at a discount. It is quite possible to get clothes and accessories for newborn children at less than R100.

5.      Baby Boom

About the Shop: Baby Boom is all about babies. They have a massive range of products geared towards newborn children and babies. Apart from toys, they offer maternity essentials, baby car seats, baby food, diapers, clothing and strollers among other things. Baby Boom sells products from a wide range of international brands including Addis, Braun, Pigeon, Milton, Bambino and Nestle.

Location: Baby Boom has its store in Polokwane at the Mall of the North. Their store number at the mall is L11.

Potential Deals: The prices charged by Baby Boom are quite reasonable.

6.      Defy Factory Shop

About the Shop: Defy is one of the leading manufacturers of household appliances in South Africa. They have a massive assortment of products. Their appliances are known to be efficient in their energy usage, keeping in mind the company’s desire to achieve sustainability. Some of the appliances that they offer include microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners and freezers. Several kinds of small appliances such as steam irons, kettles, coffee machines, blenders, toasters and pedestal fans are also available from Defy.

Location: Defy has a factory shop in Polokwane. It is located at Hoof Street.

Potential Deals: Defy ensures that their prices are quite economical. Their air conditioners, for example, have a starting price point of around R5000.

7.      Buco

About the Shop: When it comes to hardware, Buco is easily one of the best options in South Africa. They have a wide assortment of tools and other hardware for all kinds of home projects. They offer electrical and plumbing equipment and accessories as well, apart from paint. It is also possible to get items like locks and burglar bars at Buco. Some of the other kinds of items available are home outdoor supplies, trusses and trade tools.

Location: There is a factory shop for Buco in Polokwane. It can be found easily at Sapphire Street.

Potential Deals: The prices charged by Buco on the various products that they sell are quite affordable and economical.

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