Public Service Promotion: Reshalia’s Facemask Deliveries

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Bulk or Retail Deliveries for Various Facemask Types.

I want to present to you this public service during these hard times”

We will be helping out various entrepreneurs to extend a promotion to thousands of followers and help them connect with potential clients.

What are we promoting?

Today, we want to showcase Miss Reshalia’s products that may help you protect yourself and your family…

Facemasks are very important for every individual. But showing your character does not limit us by wearing facemasks.

In fact, you can choose one of her products that are suitable for re-use after cleaning and disinfecting.

She can provide facemasks using different materials that will suit your desired color and comfy materials.


Why do we need to buy Facemasks?

Protect Yourself

Getting personal protection aside from good hygiene is important. Facemasks are a much cheaper option than getting treatment in the hospital for various respiratory disorders.

Protect your family 

Having peace of mind nowadays is a luxury for some. Investing little for facemasks gives you the confidence that you are protected as well as your family. Do note that we do not control factors in getting airborne diseases, so having an extra layer of protection is a collective effort for you and your family, your household.

Protect your community

We believe that stopping the chain reaction of any airborne diseases and infecting peers and neighbors is also a collective effort. By handing out or by offering facemasks raises awareness that you care for your community as well as it adds a barrier for diseases to come through your community in any form. 

Entrepreneurs like Reshalia not only promote safety and awareness but also helps the economy circulate and not be stagnant which has more serious implications. 

How to connect and order from her

In order to get one of these products and I know that you love to support our own,.. you can connect to her using the following contact information.

That is 0614097485 and connect with her during business hours. Or leave a message if you are not in a hurry…

The best thing here is you can order by bulk so you can save up on shipping fees.

This is a necessary product that you can also resell in your local area.

So call or send a message now at 0614097485 and reach out to Miss Reshalia while supplies last. You can also reach out to her via her email address –

We wish you a safe week ahead!