What brands does your favorite female celebrities supports and endorses in South Africa


August is the month where we celebrate and embrace the ever-growing contribution of women to humanity. We not only recognize equality but the emergence of leaders, role models, and the wild card women that makes us human.

South Africa has been at the forefront of these accolades and this month’s Women’s Equality Day draws us nearer to stimulate the influence of modern-day women to our society. 

So, who are these South African Women that possesses not only the character but also their dimensional representation of today’s women? Join me to discover the list below and see which path inspires you the most.

1. Bonang Matheba



Contributed to various media project for both small screen and radio. Owns her own handbag and clothing line collaborating with industry retailers. She also released an autobiography “From A to B”

Bonang’s success is attributed to carefully planned projects and has not only thinks about her bank account but also her overall credibility. Reinvention and being dynamic influencer has separated her from a long list of role models.

That is why she was named the first South African woman to grace the cover of GQ local stand alone. an international brand that emanates international standard in style, fashion, a New York-based publication.

Here is the Youtube video of Bonang’s launch, a lady who hails from East of Johannesburg.


  • Net Worth: 7.2 million rands
  • Check out Bonang Matheba’s style here.
  • Endorsements: Revlon, Ipanema Sandals, GQ, Cell C
  • Revlon Stores Nearby:
    • Address: 28 Tungsten St, Isando, Kempton Park, 1600, South Africa, +27 11 971 0800 Monday to Saturday 9am-8pm ( Closed on Sundays)
  • Click here to search for Ipanema Sandals Stores nearby
  • Download her apps with collaboration with Cell C:






2. Charlize Theron
She won awards, a mom, and an outspoken individual of her beliefs the way she protects her roots and her children.
Charlize has embraced the position of getting realistic and true to her principle the way she balances her position in the international arena’s global concern.
More delicately handling her career in a way that it will encompass scrutiny on hot topics that entails her people, that also brings back spectacle for the people she works for. So, ‘really hard’ is short of an understatement to where she stands since it influences continental drifts.
This greater responsibility has brought a dynamic approach to her career and her style over the years. 
Check out her fashion approach below:

  • Net Worth 15$ Million
  • Endorsements: Dior, Hot Ones, 
  • Check out Charlize Theron’s style over the years here
  • Also check out Christian Dior Branches here.



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