Where to find sleek and snug fit clothes in Johannesburg Pretoria and nearby East Cape and Cape Town

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Accessibility and availability of the stores should drive consumers enough to reach out to your pockets and get your hands on worthy ones. But, are there any factors that a consumer look for when shopping basic commodity like clothes? 

An answer is definitely yes, there is a good number of factors we need to consider. A common scenario is whenever we buy something we are picky and when we something for ourselves we are extra picky. In this regard we narrowed down retailers below that can provide not only accessibility and availability in Johannesburg, Pretoria, East Cape and Cape Town, but also factors like comfort, pricing, dynamic clothing and we could throw in reusability and quality.
So let’s start to discuss below which of these retailers in the mentioned locations can provide a bit of everything or a strong point two things can satisfy the basic and the budget.

Cotton On Clothing
Cotton On Clothing, particularly in Pretoria and Johannesburg, has been offering styles that extend beyond trend and there is transcendence in the way their comfortable urban genre allows you to transition from a homey feel to casually ‘it’, they are easy to connect with.

Big roomy snug fit for tops and pants are quite surprise ready to go eat out in any weather allows you some freedom to mix that budget and match that outfit the way you want it without uncompromising restful vibe whatever the sky will throw in Pretoria and Jo ‘burg or from the Western Cape.

You can definitely slowly appreciate the clever fit for Cotton On stores.



Photo from Cotton On Africa Instagram
Photo from Cotton On Africa
Photo from Cotton On Africa Instagram
Photo from Cotton On Africa Instagram

Earthly tones but with defined clarity shirts for men that allows you to mingle without being stiff but yes, smartly open without even trying. Cotton On selections is vintage vibe but less risky and quietly trimmed and undisturbed. Something very useful for you throughout the year or throughout any pubs, trendy dine out and the likes you can hang out.


Photo from Cotton On Instagram
Photo from Cotton On Instagram
Photo from Cotton On Africa Instagram



You will have one of those days that you just need to chill and put away alarms and checklists and Cotton On clothes will come in handy.

 Warm jerseys with cozy neck arrangements that compliment colors that can last for months and years something that you can wear in the office but feels like wearing a pajama on sem you can fire up the laptop for work.

Best for: Comfortably Sleek

























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Mr.P Clothing



Mr.P is also a staunch advocate of sleek but comfy materials and how they are prepared and put together.

For instance, some leggings you can score that have clever leather accentuates but will not take away from the actual style it wants to convey where sizes are forgiving – sizes are restful and bigger than usual.

What’s surprising is you can buy children clothes to fit your smaller adult frame too [best prices there is for you.] If you check out some of their pants that show sleek lines but feels like wearing a pajama always you can wear on corps using Monday to Thursday office look policy.

Mr.P allows some designs in their jeggings that can fir your lady body of all shapes and forms. Since these pants are stretchy you can always accentuate some of your assets without sacrificing your hard earn commonly uses UK sizes = comfortable sizes.

Why are jeggings better than jeans?

Well over four or five wear&washes jeans start to show some level of bagginess perhaps may show a bit earlier. But jeggings have properties that embrace your shape and they dry back to their original forms after several washes.

Aside from pants they also offer cami’s that should be part of your staple clothes, something you can layer on some cool weather in Jo ‘burg or in East Cape. Plus you can wear them as stand-alone tops when the warmer weather arrives.

Mr.P also provides you with affordable body suits and always ask the store clerks for ongoing discounts some stores keep these surprise specials over the counter.


Best for: Comfortably Sleek, Not Pricey, Multiple Choices

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