ZARA Factory Shop in Cape Town | Cheap Runway Fashion

ZARA Factory Shop in Cape Town | Cheap Runway Fashion

Shop Zara clothing for half the price! Also, here are additional tips on how to save more with buying from Zara factory shop in Cape Town.

Zara is one of the top three fast-fashion brands worldwide. There are a lot of reasonable explanations of how this became possible, but one that stands out the most is Zara’s unparalleled and continuous production of outfits that follow whatever style is trendy. 

Zara’s quick response to riding these instantly changing hypes is so unbelievable that some can’t help but assume it’s the other way around—that this brand is the one responsible for developing what will be the trendy style in the first place! 

One interesting thing to also note is that Zara spends very little for its advertisement and seem to not care about it at all. However, despite that surprising marketing decision, Zara having been made available in 1700 stores from 86 countries, is now producing 450 million items yearly. 


Why Find A Factory Shop Supplying Zara Clothing? 

In 2019 alone, earnings of Zara clothing has reached $3 billion. As of the latest updates, Zara has already earned a total of $13 billion in sales. 

Offering runway fashion without the sky-high price tag, Zara is now able to become one of the leading high-value clothing brands… and it will certainly continue to be one. 

Knowing all of these, it is understandable that your need to find a factory shop that supplies Zara items at a much cheaper price is now at its peak. To help you deal with that, here is the contact information of the Zara factory shop in Cape Town SA. 


Where Can I Find Zara Factory Shop in Cape Town?

Location: Cinema Level at Sandton City

Contact number: 011 784 0413


Other than that, you also have an alternative factory shop that also supplies stock clothing from the Zara brand. You can find them at the suburb of Blairgowrie, at the Blairgowrie Plaza on Conrad Road—besides the Blairgowrie Spar. 

Also, if you want to find other stores in Johannesburg that can be found near Cape Town, you can explore them here

Lastly, if you want to make the most out of bargaining from this factory shop, here are some tips that you should remember. 

Top 3 Tricks in Shopping Stock Clothing from Zara Factory Shop 

  1. Contact the management of your supplier and ask them if they can provide you their clearance sale calendar. If not, investigate on your own. To do this, you can inquire from other sellers or give the clerks some small talk. 
  2. Establish your identity with your suppliers. If their products are good, attempt to be a regular. This way, you’ll gain their favor and the next time around. With that, they might just contact you in advance before they perform their sale clearances.
  3. Build your network with other sellers and buy in bulk! The more items you will purchase, the better chances there is for negotiating the price of each item. 

To find more of these bargaining tips for factory shops or any other stock suppliers, you are encouraged to see this list.  

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